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2013/12/22 - 17:52
Stupendous!!!How on earth do you get time to eat and sleep?
Frank Singleton
2013/12/18 - 20:37
I wanted to say have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and I hope you will have the next verion of cd of manuals out soon as very are good to look at from ian
ian arbery
2013/12/18 - 20:34
I just wanted to tell thanks for doing volume 8 and 9 and I found it to very good and I can't wait for the next you will do. anyway merry Christmas and a happy new year from ian arbery
ian arbery
2013/09/13 - 06:13
Fantastic site, thank you i found the info very useful.
Keith Campbell
2013/04/ 1 - 09:07
A brilliant reference source - many thanks
Maurice Howells
2012/11/30 - 16:38
An excellent reference to 'modern' Meccano. There's a huge amount of work in this, so well done! And many thanks!
Douglas Carson
2012/11/20 - 12:28
Your part list...wonderfull.
Rasik Mehta
2012/10/30 - 20:15
Very Well Done!!
Peter F Goddard
2012/10/20 - 10:23
Bonjour Oscar Félicitations pour votre site et longue vie à notre jeu de construction préféré Amicalement Jean-Marie
GAUNARD Jean-Marie
2012/09/ 7 - 16:54
Oscar your site is invaluable, especially when I am so isolated from other Spanners
Colin Smith - Phoenix
2012/08/23 - 01:34
Merci pour ce travail titanesque. J'ai été victime d'un feu le 30 juillet 2011 et j'ai perdu 50% de mon Meccano et surtout toute la documentation. Je retourne chez moi dans une nouvelle maison et essaie de reconstituer ma collection Meccano.Ton site Oscar a été une bouée de sauvetage pour m'aider à tout reconstituer. Merci mille fois . Robert Gibeault, président de Meccano-Québec.
Robert Gibeault
2012/06/22 - 15:31
Very Interesting.
Stephen Jeavons
2012/05/ 5 - 10:06
Hi there, My son got Meccano Model 9901, but unfortunately there were no instructions. While I was looking on line for the instructione I found that you had scanned and emailed the instructions for this set to a person on the 14 - 10 - 2010. I would really appreciate it if you could send me these instructions too. Many thanks in advance, Mike.
Michael Keogh
2012/04/ 4 - 17:47
Félicitations ! Remarquable travail et d'une grande utilité pour les collectionneurs et les constructeurs utilisant le système MECCANO. Bien cordialement, Jean-Pierre VIEL.
VIEL Jean-Pierre
2012/02/26 - 15:08
2011/12/17 - 19:12
Gracias por este gran trabajo. Thanks for this great work. Recuerdo mi primer (y único) mecano. Tenía 4 ó 5 años y vivía en Holanda en 1970 ó 1971. Era una caja enorme y recuerdo que tenía un motor electrico de color rojo que pesaba mucho y que se unía con una cadena de laton con los engranajes. Creo que se podía hacer un tractor entre otras cosas. Estuve jugando con él hasta los 12 años que fue cuando nos mudamos a España y ya no pude jugar a nada. Ahora que tengo 45 estoy intentando recuperar el tiempo perdido.
Andreas Wachter
2011/11/25 - 10:37
Impresionado de la labor realizada, guardo su direeccion entre "mis favoritos" Gracias
Felix Maocho
2011/11/25 - 06:02
Great work.Very useful for collectors and builders. Thanks
Jean-Joseph MORDINI
2011/11/ 2 - 14:26
much appreciated, thanks
Patrick Smith
2011/09/30 - 12:41
A wonderful piece of work Oscar. Thank you so very much for compiling such comprehensive listings. Especially impressed with all the very new bits. I have run off the majority of the lists and will keep them close to my other reference documents. Looking forward to seeing the "under construction" lists when they come out. With very kind regards, Vladek
Vladek Cirin
2011/09/10 - 18:16
Thanks Oscar for all your hard work. A very valuable site, can we look forward to some updates soon ?
Andrew Luckham
2011/09/ 2 - 16:09
excellent and most useful site A1
2011/08/ 1 - 15:48
Hello Oscar, I think you know what my feeliong is about what we can all do with Meccano once we have bought it. Asa confirmed mutilator Ithink your Part lists illustrations have provided a super guide for anyone with limited pockets and trained like I was to think on my feet and use initiative as a development engineer. The illustrations you have provided the hobby with allow me and others with limited wealth, to use them to make patterns for new parts from old flexi-plates and other Holey material as and when we want them. - I salute you. Best regards Mike aka HIM - Do what thou wilt shall be the only law (especially with second hand Meccano parts:-)
Mike Dennis
2011/07/17 - 17:47
Well done Oscar, a very useful listing of the modern sets.
Mick Burgess
2010/11/16 - 21:24
Thanks for all your work Oscar. A very valuable resource for Meccano builders everywhere.
David Dalton
2010/10/29 - 23:43
Thank you for all of your efforts and hard work
Peter Cross
2010/10/27 - 09:22
Gracias por visitar mi blog. Deseo hacer de él un punto de encuentro para los aficionados al Meccano de habla hispana. Si deseas mandar alguna noticia en esa lengua con gusto la publicaré. Un saludo y buen trabajo
Felix Maocho
2010/08/31 - 05:20
Oscar, you are great. Your efforts are truly a love for the hobby. I salute you.
Arup Dasgupta
2010/06/28 - 16:34
I have been looking for parts lists like these for a long time. They are superb and just what I needed. thankyou
David Linegar
2009/09/19 - 04:44
2009/08/ 2 - 18:14
When I saw the original publicity for your CD9 from MW, i couldn't believe that it was over 2,200 pages long, I thought that it must be a miss-print. No it wasn't. Incredible publication of encyclopedia size. Extremely good value for money. The Meccano community needed this CD. Thank you very much.
John Berryman
2009/03/29 - 10:32
Hello Oscar, Am I right in beleiving that the second row of the illustrated parts lists, pages 1-4, should be headed 1970 - 1988? Regards, Alan
Alan Wenbourne
2009/03/28 - 16:12
Congratulations on your production of the illustrated parts lists - wonderful work! I was away from the hobby for 34 years (1960 -1994), so I missed developments during that period. Your work will help me tremendously in catching-up and understanding what came from where and when. Thank you very much.
Alan Wenbourne
2009/03/26 - 02:41
i,have 65 ears old,in 1958 i have my meccano # 3,my family no to many money only 4 years later i have my meccano # 6,today my hobby is meccano,in my home i make all parts of set # 10 i as for books,i have all set's books please our leters are important for me by.....oscar
oscar beyart ortega
2009/03/ 6 - 11:48
Am looking forward to exploring your web site. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your country a couple years ago!
Thomas D Smith "Tom"
2009/02/13 - 09:30
Many thanks Oscar for these most valuable lists of Parts and Sets...superb.
Dave Denner. Melb. Australia
2009/02/ 7 - 16:12
Hello Oscar, Thanks for this wonderfull job. It's always a pleasure to deal with you . Hope the complete CD serie will be available soon . Kind regards .
Alain Chaurand
2009/02/ 1 - 17:45
hello Oscar, what a great job! I've got your CD from MMO & it's so good I'm waiting for the other.Regards
rene CAM1620
2009/01/31 - 11:17
Me encanto ver programacion de otra nacion si puedes colocar link una vez mas fantastico agradesco onda inalambrica necesaria para adm. de la oficina.
pequeno milagrito
2009/01/22 - 15:19
por favor aberir meu site porque eu estou fora deportugal e quero ver meu emails obrigado
Qasim ali Ismail
2009/01/19 - 10:46
Very interesting to see all your work! I'm looking for a manual of the model Planetarium, but can find it nowhere. Could you help me with a hint? Kind greetings. Hans
Hans de Wolff
hansdewolff @
2009/01/ 4 - 16:20
Very good, an excellent resource for Meccano builders.
David Dalton
2008/11/15 - 18:16
Bravo Osca. Bravisimo F.
2008/11/11 - 20:51
Hello Oscar, It has been a while since we have contacted each other. You have done a wonderful job with the web-site. As I am into post 1990 Meccano these days I found your info on sets and parts to be just what I was looking for as we do not see all the new stuff being released in our stores. Keep up the good work. Best Regards, Jim Picton Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada
Jim Picton
2008/09/10 - 01:53
Hello again, Oscar! Nice work on the Meccano New Parts List.. Thanks for your efforts.. Doug Harris, Auckland, New Zealand
Doug Harris
2008/09/ 9 - 23:36
A Superb Reference Work. Well done.
John R Hornsby
2008/08/21 - 00:09
Eu tem uma edade parecida a la de o senhor, eu naceu em 1943. Meu primer brincadeiro serio era um Meccano Nº 1. E fiquei enganchado pra sempre. Muito obrigado por seu valioso aporte a la comunidade amante de Meccano.
Jose Luis Fernandez Debesa
2008/07/23 - 21:20
hello! many thanks for this good Job I've got the cd 9 from MW Mail Order it is good!!!& thank you for the free access for some parts of this good job.
Ailloud rené CAM 1620
2008/07/23 - 21:17
Hello! great job for all the Site, I've got the CD 9 from MW Mail Order very good job. Many thanks for all this job and for free access.
Ailoud rené CAM 1620
2008/05/16 - 04:34
What a lot of new parts ! Just what I have been looking for.
Reg Barlow
2008/03/20 - 23:26
Excellent list of sets, Very useful.
Les Megget
2008/03/ 4 - 22:17
Great effort Oscar. I might have some manuals that you are missing. See my lists. email me if you are interested
Barry Gerdes
2008/02/28 - 18:56
Very interesting -thanks
Terry Delderfield
2008/02/23 - 04:27
Hi Oscar I also have been scanning manuals concentrating on pre 1977. I may have some that would interest you and you may have one I can't get. 1927. The Australian edition is different to the UK being the same as the 1926 which makes it difficult here.
Barry Gerdes
2008/02/ 4 - 04:38
Dear Mr Felgueiras, Thanks a million for the high quality and accuracy of Meccano data compilation and facts that you put together for all of us. Muito agradecido. Luis Lanca Calgary-AB-Canada
Luis Lanca - Calgary -Alberta - Canada
2008/01/19 - 21:13
Caro Oscar Felgueiras Parabéns por este excelente site, pleno de documentação do Meccano, desde os seus primórdios até hoje. Com os meus votos de "Meccano para sempre", desejo-lhe as maiores felicidades e cumprimentos meccanófilos. Antonio Tavares
Antonio Tavares
2008/01/11 - 13:12
2008/01/ 7 - 20:50
First quick visit and first impressions are very positive! I'll return when time allows a proper look.
Geoff Adams
2008/01/ 6 - 18:30
Gratamente sorprendido por la gran cantidad de información sobre Meccano recopilada. Muchas gracias por tu valioso trabajo. Antonio
Antonio Valero Aicua
2007/12/ 6 - 20:56
Dear Oscar Felgueiras, I have got your first cd and I am very happy with it I got from thanks for your hard work ian :-)
ian arbery
2007/11/18 - 10:51
Your complete literature project looks very impressive. Will you be including Meccano Guild Certificates and the like?
Michael Walker
2007/11/ 6 - 11:55
Excellent Oscar. Many thanks.
Hans van Ouwerkerk
2007/11/ 6 - 11:19
Absolutely brilliant piece of work. You must have the patience of a saint.
Nick Rodgers
2007/10/17 - 13:00
Hola Oscar: Tu sitio es siempre una isla de conocimiento para el entusiasta Meccano muchas gracias Enrique
Enrique Segre
2007/10/15 - 03:54
Oscar Você tem materializado e ofertado gratuitamente tudo aquilo que os interessados em Meccano gostariam de saber. Por si só representa anos de trabalho incessante, inteligência, gastos, e dedicação. Todos devemos a você nossos sinceros agradecimentos e admiração.
Edmundo Veiga
2007/10/14 - 05:13
Great site Oscar - very well done indeed! I have more to look at and maybe find information on "X - Series"
2007/10/14 - 03:24
Thnks. Oscar for the phantastic work. I enjoyed it a lot. One comment, the links on the literature did not work when clicking at individual CD preview pages. When are CDs going to be available? Would not DVDs be better now? Cordially, Roberto
Roberto Werner
2007/10/13 - 22:39
I have already congratulated you on Spanner for your incredible work. Although I am more interested in building models (occassionally!), I do appreciate the great value of your undertaking. I am sure that present and future generations of Meccanomen will find it essential.
Joe Attard, Malta
2007/10/13 - 21:26
Hi Oscar I still can not imagine how much time it cost you to collate all the information that you have collected and put in a format that is so easy to read. Thank You Stefan Tokarski England
Stefan Tokarski
2007/10/10 - 23:52
Thanks for the great effort, Oscar.
Marwan Nusair
2007/10/10 - 22:30
Many thanks Oscar for yet another very useful resource from you Cheers John
John Phipps
2007/10/10 - 17:35
Great job and very usefull for the documentation centrum of the Meccano Gilde Nederland, (Dutch Meccano Guild )
Jan Ringnalda
2007/10/10 - 14:38
The wealth of information you have acquired over the years and so kindly made available to Meccano enthusiasts world wide deserves our heartfelt gratitude.
Pat Young, USA
2007/10/10 - 13:33
Oscar, Simply magnificent..of enormous value to the hobby. Many thanks.
Dave Denner
2007/09/18 - 11:40
Womderful job and extremely useful. Thanks
Bill Steele
2007/09/14 - 20:08
Hi Oscar This is just what I´ve been looking for. Literature about new Meccano parts - GREAT Keep on the good work Jan
Jan Andreasen
2007/09/14 - 17:00
Great looking site Oscar, and very useful info for the meccano community. Kind regards from Canada.
Kevin Clark
2007/09/14 - 16:23
finally, a very nice job Roberto
Roberto Guaitolini
2007/09/14 - 15:33
Great service to the hobby
Mike Dennis
2007/09/14 - 14:06
Dear Oscar I have just downloaded and printed all your NEW PARTS information. It must have been as we say a 'labour of love'. Excellent! Thank you. Regards, Tom.
Tom Dewhurst
2007/09/14 - 08:44
Thanks for all the efforts, Oscar. Frans
Frans de Wolff